How to desposit Gold in Game ?

First of all you have to link your wallet to the game.

Learn how to deposit into Cato

The value of each CATO is equivalent to 5000 gold. First of all, you need to know several functions of CATO as well as what it is used for.

  • Purchasing items: you can use CATO to buy in-game items.

  • Governance and DAO: you are able to participate in governance.

  • In-game rewards: you are able to get CATO when participating in battle.

  • Staking: you are able to get CATO tokens by staking CATO.

In addition, in the future, the system will also use partner tokens according to a certain ratio to participate in in-game activities and receive rewards.

At the present, $CATO can currently be found in several decentralized exchanges including or Pancakeswap. Thus, purchasing $CATO usually involves exchanging it for another crypto-coin or token through a liquidity pool.

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