Fish Shooting Game

After logging into the fish shooting game, players will have to choose for themselves a room. The system will assign the player a random spot on the field based on the remaining positions in the room. The player will start with a base gun worth 100 $GOLD for one bullet, the player can increase ammo price to 100/150/300/350/300/350/150/500/1k/1k5/2k/ 3k / 4k / 5k for one shot and each object on the board has a different coefficient. If the player shoots and kills the target, the player will receive $GOLD equivalent to the amount of $GOLD for one-shot multiplied by the coefficient of the target.

Earned $GOLD = $GOLD per bullet * Target’s coefficient

Ex: $GOLD per bullet is 1000, the Target’s coefficient is 5, so the earned $GOLD will equal 5000 $GOLD.

However, if the player misses or shoots but fails to kill the target, the player loses money for that bullet.

During the rounds, the mysterious target appears and gives a player a lot of $GOLD if the player defeats it. The number of $GOLD players used to attack the mystery target but failed will be calculated and become part of the prize when killing that target in the next wave.

The first time you join the game, a player will be provided with 10.000 $GOLD by the system. The player will not be able to continue playing the game when the player's $GOLD drops below 100 $GOLD.

The player can use $CATO to exchange $GOLD to be able to continue playing the game with a conversion rate of 1:5000 (1 $CATO = 5000 $GOLD)

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