Slot Game

After loading the game, the player has to select the player's bet and lines, the default is 100 $GOLD and all the lines (20 lines ) are selected. There will be betting milestones as follows: 100, 1000, 5000 and there are 20 winning lines to select. The total bet will be equal to the bet amount multiplied by the number of lines.

There will be two ways to play: you spin one by one by tapping the spin button or you can choose auto to automatically spin and you can stop that process at any time. If the line you choose has 3 of the same items you will win. The Total prize will be calculated using the following formula.

Total prize = Total bet * Number of winning lines.

If the player wins, the player can earn $GOLD will be 80% of the total prize. If the player fails, the player will lose 100% of the player's total bet.

There will be special bonuses appearing during play such as Bonus, Free spins, Jackpot.

Bonus: the player will get an extra money

Free spin: the player will get extra free spins with your current bet

Jackpot: player got an amount of the jackpot fund

A part of the money that players use to bet will be transferred to the Jackpot fund, the lucky player who wins the Jackpot will receive the amount in the fund, the amount will continuously accumulate until there is a Jackpot winner.

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